ppl think you put the fist up the ass. teens, let me tell you something you might need to know one day. you put the hand up the ass in a duck shape. you make  a fist after it’s inside. this may benefit you one day. ok? you make a fist when the hand is insi

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couples that argue in public make me so uncomfortable can u save that for later uhhh when youre not in public….

Anonymous said: Do you just use falsies once? Or do you re use them? If so, how do you clean them and how many wears can you get out of them?

i definitely use them more than once!! especially because they tend to be pricey so you always wanna use them as much as you possibly can. after youre done wearing them for the day/night and take them off what you wanna do is peel off the glue thats stuck to the band. and be very careful when doing this because you can actually pull on the actual band which causes the lashes to fall off and thatll ruin them completely.

really its all about keeping them clean after every use. its always easier to peel off the glue right after you take them off rather than letting it dry even more/causing the falsies to become stiff.

i typically get 4-5 uses out of each pair but it all really depends!

i just got it yesterday and i am in-fuckin-love plus its MATTE i love matte lipsticks😍😍😍

Anonymous said: omg mot ur lashes look so long and pretty are they naturally that long? or what do u use to get them like that

theyre falsies! theyre one of the ardell double-ups. i dont have the exact number of them but ill edit this once i figure it out😚

Anonymous said: You're sooo pretty babe! Can you please tell me what lipstick you're wearing it's so nice :D

thank you!!😊😊it’s a matte NYX lipstick called ‘maison’

big glasses big nose big lips


"detroit sucks" the crowd chants

mike babcock turns and faces the crowd

"no" he says "you suck"

the fans are stunned and silent. 3 people are sent to the hospital.

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“One day you lose something, and you say: ‘Oh my God. I was happy. And I didn’t even know it.’”

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i finally got my posters from my old house so my room is almost whole again

Anonymous said: i've only followed your for a couple of weeks. Up until your selife you've just posted I thought your icon was you lmao

hahah nah my icon is daddy cutler

she’s reaching, your honor

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i still told her to have a GREAT day tho… kill em with kindness.. loves it

also one customer today tried to pay with a pre-paid card but it wasn’t working and she was all “i just used it at charlotte russe, it works” and i tried it a few times but nothing was coming up so i asked a coworker for help and the customer was all “no, we’re paying with a different card this time” and her daughter was all “we’ll just use it at starbucks” lmfao priviledged whites and then i heard her under her breath say “we’ll go somewhere where someone knows what theyre doing” n she snatched the bag out of my hand haha idk it was almost as if she wanted me to knock her straight in her jaw.. lmfao good thing i found a chill tho…