i send bec ig directs of me w no makeup on.. eyebrows not even filled in. wow #truelove

i aint a killa but dont push me !

thanks nail god

"Are you talking about me?!" 

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Tyler Seguin getting ready for Game 4

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stone cold Steve Austin is for same sex marriage

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This is my aesthetic

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I wanna meet mot at a Starbucks that’s how u know it’s love 💏👯💅

meet me at a sbux when i go to your state next week bec

lmao sadly no. to be more specific i saw him at a panera cares in chicago. the one im at is just some regular ol’ panera..😒

at panera thinkin about u hotsenator

yoooharry ur an angel😪😊


Mot is “the perfect thottie”

i cant wait until the season begins and we can team up again #kapernickhateblogs2k14

lookin forward to that niners game tho i hope we knock kaepernicks bitch ass off his feet 2 or 20 times


Chicago Bears 2014 Schedule