*tips hat* m’ornin

im trying to download the entire Roseanne series but its gonna take an estimated 15 days


Couple - Emil Nolde


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fuck the baltimore ravens OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO im heated


Keith Olbermann gives an intro on how women are treated in sports. And then ethers the fuck out of the NFL for only suspending Ray Rice 2 games after knocking his wife out in an elevator.

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Title: Back To Black
Artist: Amy Winehouse
Played: 84768 times


We only said goodbye with words
I died a hundred times
You go back to her
And I go back to black

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the convos i over hear at panera or any other public place smh… live and let live i guess….

Anonymous said: I have naturally dark brown hair and twice I've gone to get almost blonde coloring in my hair and my hair lady keeps telling me to go slow w the process but she just highlighted it and it looks like crap and how did u dye yours is what I'm asking for and what did u ask for?? Haha hope that makes sense thank u:)

is it just blonde highlights in your hair? maybe go to someone else whos more confident in helping you make the drastic change lol. the hair stylist i went to said it’s hard to go blonde when you have dark hair too, so if you were to go verrrry light straight away that would totally damage your hair 100x. i showed her a few pictures of khloe k. and she went from there. the process was long though, first she bleached it, then she added highlights and after that she added color. so in total it took about 3-4 hours. 

Anonymous said: do you like your hair better when its brown or when its blonde?

i love it blonde idk why i didn’t dye it sooner. sometimes ill look at pictures of me with brown hair and im like “??????” i feel like it did nothing for me lmao i wanna go lighter but my roots grow out so fast its gonna be hard to maintain:/





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some of u are so extra… get slapped..



white ppl: coconut OIL KALE OMG NAMASTE YOGA
me: chill

People on the internet: *puts “white people” in front of something a shit load of people do*

Me: chill