Anonymous said: Omg okay I'm gonna try and do that!! Thank you soo much Mot. Love you to the mooon & back bb. Have an amazing weekend!

love you even more i hope you have fun at thee party lemme know how it goes!! :**

Title: Crosswerved / Be Spin
Artist: Flying Lotus
Played: 36 times


[Flying Lotus - Crosswerved/Be Spin]

mark my words: the pats or bears winnin the super bowl this yr

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Anonymous said: oh i know! i'm gonna walk into that party like i own the place. and im wearing this olive green dress with a maroon and black floral print on it from topshop. and i think just plain black ankle booties? i just kinda wanna show him what he fucked up ya know?

goldssssss would go perfectly with the olive colored dress like im definitely picturing a sparkly golden-brown color on ur lids and a matte brown that’s a few shades darker in ur crease or smoked out..  then smudge a dark brown pencil liner/shadow on ur both of ur lash lines to draw more attention to your eyes eeee and then a light off-white shimmery color in the tear ducts oooo that would look nice and if you want to i think a burgundy lip color would look nice as well!! maybe one with golden undertones to bring the entire look together:0)

🚫 no fuckboy zone 🚫

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Anonymous said: Mot I'm going to a party this weekend and my ex boyfriend is going to be there and he cheated on me so I need your advice on how to do my make up so he'll cry and maybe pop a boner at the same time,

aw im sorry smfh guys suck and im curious as to why there hasnt been a plague to get rid of every man in the world but i really believe confidence to be the best thing u “wear” to this party he’ll be wondering why you’re not dwelling on him u feel me don’t pay any mind to him i love u have a good time!!


'babe, what's the safety word'

'jacobs by marc jacobs for marc by marc jacobs in collaboration with marc jacobs for marc by marc jacobs'

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Anonymous said: why are you selling it ? :(

a few reasons but mainly because i need the money i hate money

baeff replied to your post: i just put my 1d ticket on sale rip

:( I rmr when u bought them

do u also remember when i had floor seats but then i lost them before i had the chance to buy it #tbt

i just put my 1d ticket on sale rip

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